Hannah Cohen – Child Bride


Artist: Hannah Cohen
Title: Child Bride
Record Label: Bella Union
Rating: 6.5

You often hear of the model, who becomes a muse to a legion of artists, their statuesque demeanour helping provide the inspiration the creative types need. In certain cases, said model who is rubbing shoulders with musicians and artists alike, decides to turn their hand at being a musician themselves. Hannah Cohen is this aforesaid blueprint, known on the infamous New York music scene, having been motivated by her peers, Cohen set about creating intimate, haunting aural documents that have become her debut LP, Child Bride.

Cohen must have one of the best address books in NYC, as this record overflows with the sort of contacts most musicians would sell their soul for. The LP is produced by Doveman, known for his work with The National, while she roped in Rob Moose who has assisted Bon Iver and then you have Brad Albetta who has produced Martha Wainwright. From this list of accomplished associates you’ll have guessed already that Cohen has created an album of stripped back tracks that hint at melancholy and topics of a personal nature.

As a record the ten tracks have a delicate swoon which is buoyed by Cohen’s enchanting voice. The arrangements are sparse and in some cases non existent allowing for that velvet tinged vocal to trip
blissfully across the brushed drums and gently strummed strings.

As on overall listening experience Child Bride isn’t the sort of record to submerge yourself in, it’s the
kind of album that encourages you to drift off into a relaxed daze. It is a charming body of work, but as a complete album there aren’t enough changes in pace or those pivotal moments that capture your heart and mind. There is no doubt that Cohen has an attractive vocal, however it’s the arrangements that could be reworked to add an extra layer of appeal to Child Bride. The album tends to tread the same path throughout, whereas the occasional venture off the beaten track wouldn’t go amiss. Give it time and this Child Bride could easily mature into a beautiful woman.

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