Northern Transmissions Interviews FIDLAR


Here’s our conversation with Max from Southern California’ s very own FIDLAR. Catch them on the road right now with The Hives. Their latest release ‘Don’t Try’ is available right now on Mom And Pop.

NT: I wanted to ask right off the bat, what’s with all the free food from Taco Bell you receive? Do you get food from Pizza Hut and KFC as well, I believe they are all owned by the same company.

MK: We played a show at Lollapalooza that was sponsored by them so they hooked us up. It’s super tight. I was actually just wondering about the Pizza Hut/KFC thing myself. We have to try it.

NT: The band just played the UK, including the Reading Festival. Did you find the crowds much different then the ones in North America?

MK: Nah, the kids actually were going fucking crazy which was rad and made us feel right at home. We had heard stories of a lot of disinterested arm crossing, but we didn’t see too much of that.

NT: The band seems to have this reputation for being real partiers. but judging from your tour schedule and the music you put out, it hardly seems the case?

MK: We don’t probably live up to our reputations, but we do have nights that get a little crazy. If we have the day of tomorrow we are partying.

NT: You and Elvis are the sons of Greg from legendary punk band T.S.O.L. Were you guys able to catch lots of great shows in the past? What kind of advice has he given you?

MK: Yea man we got so many cool records growing up and got to go to so many cool shows. He’s always kinda been the wise older Music sage so pretty much just how to not get ripped off. 

NT: Despite coming from a Punk background, the band seems to have a bit more in common with The Pixies or Waaves then the Socal punk sound.

MK: Our band is kinda like a melting pot of inspiration. We listen to a shit load of different shit.

NT: The name FIDLAR I believe, is also an an acronym for the band’s mantra. Can you tell me bit about it?

MK: The name FIDLAR stands for Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk. And it was a word going around LA a couple years ago with these skater kids Zac was hanging out with. We thought it goes pretty well with the vibe of the band so we used it.

NT: Can you tell us five albums have had a big influence on the band?

MK: Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers 

Black Lips- Let it Bloom 

CCR- Cosmo’s Factory 

Blink 182- Dude Ranch

Adolescents- Adolescents

Black Flag- First Four Years  

You get 6.