Fang Island Interview


Here’s our 30 second chat with Chris from Fang Island.

NT: I read that Fang Island formed at Rhode Island School Of Design, a pretty creative institution. Did your time there have a big influence on the band?

CG: I don’t think I would have ever started a band if I hadn’t gone to school and been in the same major as Jason, Pete and Phil. Going to art school made playing music seem like a legitimate way to spend all my time.

NT: Your music has been described in the past as “life affirming and infectious” “Everyone High-Fiving Everyone”can we expect more of the same from the upcoming album “Major”?

CG: Positively.

NT: You did a bunch of shows with the Flaming Lips a couple of years ago, Wayne Coyne puts some
infectious music out as well. Did you guys bond over musical tastes?

CG: We talked about Yes quite a bit. We were both very fond of his band too.

NT: Can you guys possibly be as happy in real life as the way the songs come across?

CG: Positively.

NT: What’s the story behind the name of the band?

CG:It was the name of a place in an article in The Onion. For some reason it stuck out to us 8 years ago and we’ve been stuck with it ever since.

NT: How does the song process work with you guys?

CG: Divine Inspiration.

NT: Tell me about the picture of you guys being jumped over that guy on a bicycle, were you nervous lying there?

CG: I think I was nervous that it was one of our first photo shoots, but I trust Mike’s bike skills.

Which five albums do you consider to be major influences on the band?

Metallica “Master of Puppets”
Steely Dan “Pretzel Logic”/”Aja”/”Can’t Buy a Thrill”
Santo & Johnny “Sleepwalk”
Thin Lizzy “Black Rose”
The Who “Live at Leeds”

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