Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic


Artist: Errors
Album: Have Some Faith in Magic
Label: Rock Action Records
Rating: 9

Glasgow’s Errors are described as a four-piece “post-electro” band. They are signed to Mogwai’s record label, so right away you get a sense of what Errors are all about. They’re mostly synthesizer based while the songs are mostly instrumental with little vocals. That’s all true and while the term “post-electro” safely describes Errors past efforts, Have Some Faith in Magic sees the band evolving beyond dance beats and more towards ethereal sounds, which brings them closer to Vangelis than say Holy Fuck.

The album is fantastically crafted with rich soundscapes and flowing electronic rhythms.The Vangelis influence seems to run through this entire record, even quite blatantly on “Earthscore”, so you have to wonder if these young Scots are actually fans of the Greek composer or if they just stumbled onto the sounds by accident. Vangelis is sort of forgotten entity these days, as his old school synthesizer sound is quite dated, and is only listened to by old space nerds (like myself). Vangelis was a master of creating music through the synthesizer and if he was in his prime with the technology of today, you have
to wonder how popular he would be. Which brings up an interesting question: How long will it take for Have Some Faith in Magic to sound dated?

Errors new album is definitely a step in the right direction for them, but the question this year for them will be: Will this vault the band into more mainstream outlets? Instrumental bands have always had this problem, but the solution dates back to how Vangelis solved it: score movies, score TV shows, stretch the bounds of synthesizer music, and always experiment. Maybe in 20 years there will be a new generation of old space nerds listening to Errors.

– Michael Unger

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