Our Interview With Dillon Francis


Northern Transmissions caught up with Dillon Francis, the man himself, and talked  ‘Moombah, working with Diplo, and his new music. 

NT: Your known as the ‘Galactic Emperor of Moombah’, can you tell me about the genre and it’s origins?

DF: Being the galactic emperor I can tell you a few short and sweet things about the genre… its awesome..you should listen to it if you haven’t already… its fucking house party music.

NT: You started out making music primarily as a Dub Step artist, how did you get into Moombah? 

DF: Munchi was the reason I started to make moombah… I heard all his stuff on sound cloud and was blown away and I knew I had to make it.

NT: Are you surprised at the big backlash against Dub Step? You would think that people would just ignore it and check out something else, but they seem to have a real beef with it.

DF: I think people just have a problem with stuff that becomes popular.. they want to feel like an individual and not a follower.. and when everyone is talking about dubstep you no longer have the inside hipster scoop…

NT: What were the sessions like working with Diplo on ‘Que Que’? Did you guys click musically right away? 

DF: Basically drank a beer with him and finished the track in a couple days… its so easy to work with him cause he has a great ear when it comes to making awesome cool music. 

NT: Were you surprised at the huge success of the track ‘Masta Blasta?

DF: Yes and no… I remember being in a car with my friend Dj Ruckus who has impeccable music taste.. I started playing him a lot of the moombahton and he was loving it so I secretly played him mast blast and that was the track that got the biggest reaction from him so I knew the song was gonna do really well.

NT: EDM is pretty big today, DJs are drawing thousands of people in arenas. Why do you think it’s gotten more popular these days? There were artists doing similar stuff in Germany and the UK as far back as the late 60s. 

DF: My guess would be because of skrillex really helped this come to fruition.. he made pop dub step that blew up globally no one in the 60’s did that…

NT: Are you excited about how many producers want to work with you?

DF: Its amazing that as I get further and further in my career I get closer and closer to working with my favorite artist. 

NT: Which five records from your collection have had a huge influence on you?

DF: Bingo Player – Get Up (Diplo Remix)

Skrillex – Reptile

Ill to Destroy- Bloody Beetroots

Disco Sirens (Boy 8 Bit Short Vocal Mix) – Midfield General

Firepower – Wolfgang Gartner