Craft Spells Interview


Jordan Vallesteros aka Craft Spells chats with Northern Transmissions a bit about 80s music and bloggers amongst other things.

Craft Spells

NT: I wanted to ask about the picture with Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Walken, and the huge squid, where is that from? It’s great. And the Replacements footage is terrific, with Bob Stinson.

JV: It’s an odd photo! Christopher Walken is sporting a David Lynch looking jacket and pompadour while Anthony is cooking Squid! I guess that same night they got drunk together at a hotel while Norah Jones played piano. Oh, I love the replacements. I kill time watching the many replacements videos on youtube

NT: What was the scene like in Stockton where you grew up, compared to Seattle?

JV: Stockton was full of pompous folk acts that would snarl at any kind of change musically. So I guess pretty similar. I am currently moving to San Francisco.

NT: Are you surprised at the amount of music made today, that was truly inspired by the 80s, created in bedrooms, that has become pretty popular. Ie:The Drums, Washed Out, etc…

JV: Not at all! The 80s were full of great bands and pop singles. It was inevitable that it was going to be acknowledged in the production of many at home musicians. Growing up I listened to a lot of New Order because of my father. Recording music on a shitty PC really restricted me from exploring that sound. Once I was able to own a reliable laptop that ran programs like Logic, I was able to create the music I felt familiar with.

NT: Your music deals with lots of relationship issues, do you think a great song can be written by someone who hasn’t had their heartbroken or suffered some kind of loss?

JV: It’s not normal to have never suffered some kind of loss. That person can definitely write a song. I certainly won’t like it.

NT: It’s kind of amazing how much influence some music bloggers have,do you pay attention to what they are saying about your music.

JV: Not at all. I have some friends who won’t leave me alone about certain scores or reviews. I only hop on certain music blogs when someone links it on facebook. It usually has to deal with some type of music gossip. I’m a sucker for pregnant pop stars!

NT:What kind of record do you want to do for your next release?

JV: I haven’t really thought about that. I have this one song that I didn’t want to put on the EP cause I felt it was LP worthy. I think I’ll build around that.

NT: Can you tell me five of your favourite records?

JV: Pale Saints-in ribbons

My bloody Valentine –loveless

Big star –Third Album

New Order-Technique

Miles davis-kind of blue

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