Review Of “Rapprocher” By Class Actress

class actress

Class Actress

Artist: Class Actress
Title: Rapprocher
Record Label: Carpark Records
Rating: 6.5

If a coma patient from the 80s were to wake-up today, would they know almost twenty five years had flown by? Look around you, global financial crisis, espadrilles, and of course the rejuvenation of the synth, basically the corner stone of the shoulder pad decade.

Class Actress commandeer the 80s electro sound to the letter. The synths gurgle and bubble to the pitter-patter of a drum machine, with the nonchalant vocals of Elizabeth Harper adding a certain romantic leaning to Class Actress’ nostalgic sound.

Class Actress is the brainchild of Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. The duo are behind the synth soundscapes and have crafted the perfect backdrop for Harper’s vocal to take centre stage in their debut record, ‘Rapprocher’.

The LP is somewhat of an inconsistent listen, the quirky electronics and laid-back vocals tend to make ‘Rapprocher’ a repetitive prospect as one track easily morphs into the next one. However there are significant gear changes, where the album breaks its stride and provides some exciting moments. ‘Let Me Love You’ carries the essence of a diary entry being read to a disconnected lover, pleading to rekindle a dwindling romance, all to the sound of a reverberating synth line which allows Harper’s voice to remain in the spotlight. Another key track is ‘Bienvenue’ which is propelled along by a Joy Division-esque guitar riff and an urgent drum beat. Adding a darker texture and a brooding quality to ‘Rapprocher’ is ‘Missed’ which invokes a retro dub step feel to the track.

If this review was a school report it would say: Class Actress, good effort, but must try harder next time.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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