Chain and The Gang Interview


Northern Transmissions grabbed a few quick words with Katie Alice Greer from Chain And The Gang. Katie admitted to not watching ‘Girls’, we can’t believe it. Catch them on tour to support their latest album ‘In Cool Blood’.

NT: Your latest album ‘In Cool Blood’ has a bit more of a youthful vibe to it, and a little less politically charged. Were you consciously trying to make an album, dare I say a bit more light hearted?

KAG: “In Cool Blood” is a protest record.

NT: Did you always want to record an album completely in Mono?

KAG: We recorded this album at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington. We knew there was simply no other way to convey the truth of this record. That’s what “mono” means: The Way.

NT: Have you guys been watching any of the Gop convention?  I mean, it’s pretty fascinating stuff.

KAG: We DO NOT watch television, under any circumstances.

NT: The band went into the studio almost as a brand new unit, what was the chemistry like? You guys (Katie and Ian) seem to really feed off each other.

KAG: We mostly eat the same foods. Neither one of us can eat sugar because we might FREAK OUT. We share the same tastes in records mostly. Except Ian thinks Carmen McRae is really tops and Katie thinks she is just so-so. In a game of pool, Ian prefers stripes while Katie is often solids.

NT: Chain And The Gang are well known for their high energy, intense, some have even described show as being  “a religious experience”. How important is playing live to you guys?

KAG: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!! Besides avoiding measles and television.

NT: Are you amazed today at the number of artists doing it on their own?

KAG: Nah, we do most stuff on our own. And when we don’t, we have friends helping us.

NT: Any Advice for the music industry?

KAG: We are the music industry. Our advice to ourselves? Keep on doin’ what yr doin’!

NT: Five records that get you going?

KAG: Police records, dental records, recorded births and deaths and of course rock n roll records.