Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do


Artist: Bleeding Knees Club
Title: Nothing To Do
Record Label: I Am Sound Records
Rating: 8.0

“Are Teenage dreams so hard to beat/every time she walks down the street”? It would seem The Undertones would typify the adolescent psyche, with their seminal track ‘Teenage Kicks’, equally as 2012 lumbers forward, two Australians known as Bleeding Knees Club will pick up that baton with a carefree attitude and nonchalant cool to soundtrack a new generations growing pains. The duo are primed to set forth their debut LP, ‘Nothing To Do’ which is a collection of twelve tracks pretty much dedicated to the youthful state of mind. Everything from the album’s artwork, which sees the title of the record sprayed across a sidewalk, with a half shot of a dude hanging with his skateboard in the background, to the fact the LP is a just about twenty six minutes long, solidifies a teenage appeal.This album is so juvenile you could quite easily imagine it has bad body odour, sleeps all day and has spontaneous boner syndrome!

Across the albums lifespan the twosome, made up of Alex Wall on vocals and drums and Jordan Malane on vocals and guitar don’t waste any time in rattling through their odes to getting high, lust for the female of the species and doing diddily squat. BKC channel a bare bones approach to rock n roll, which pulls in the devil’s music from the 50’s, a smidgen of surf guitar and a whole dollop of punk.The band however, if you check out their Facebook page, christens their music genre as Thrash Pash Gash Rash. Sounds delightful! As the raw tracks unravel and finish before you’ve had chance to absorb them, hidden behind the ramshackle noise, is the occasional honey coated vocal melody, that takes the band out of the gutter but into the dive bar instead.

The album’s song titles only go on to clarify the adolescent aesthetic of ‘Nothing To Do’. ‘Teenage Girls’ speaks for itself, as does ‘Problem Child’; equally ‘Boy In Lust’ doesn’t need much interpretation
either. ‘Nothing To Do’ is ready for the next generation of slackers that only care about having a good
time, getting laid and hanging out.

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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