Big Deal – Chair-EP


Artist: Big Deal
Album: Chair – EP
Label: Mute Records
Rating: 8

Upon entering Big Deal’s new Chair – EP into my Itunes, my Last FM program started “scrubbing” it. Here’s what came up when I opened the Big Deal page.
1) Big Deal is a boy/girl duo from London.
2) Big Deal is a Blues-Rock-Band from Aschaffenburg, Germany.
3) Big Deal! is a hardcore band from Sweden.
4) Big Deal is a spanish influenced rockabilly band from Germany.
5) Big Deal is a punk rock band from New York.
6) Big Deal is a country rock band from Southhampton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Confusing? Google also told me that Big Deal is classic rock band from Leicestershire, UK and No Big Deal is a cover band from Glendale Heights, Illinois, etc. etc. So who is the real Big Deal?

The answer is Big Deal is the duo of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, hailing from the UK. Their bio on Mute Records says simply “We’re kind of a big deal”. Tongue in cheek? Yes, but anything close to the truth? Well let’s just say that the band name which seems like it may have been a bit of a joke, has been working for them as reviewers and bloggers use their name in describing the band. Clever? Sure, I’m not going to hold it against them, because the 4 songs on the EP are all really strong, so I can see why
people are digging them. Their debut album Lights Out came out in August and they’ve steadily been putting out something whether it is a music video, single or EP to keep up momentum. The only beef I would have is that this EP is kind of just another single. I don’t know if there are rules to what you can call an EP, but traditionally an EP is just a short album of new songs. However two songs on this “EP” are songs on the debut album, so it’s really a single, with two new songs added on. I guess you can’t complain much in an age where most people don’t pay for music. A label has got to do what it has
got to do to get the word for a band that is riding some good press.

So basically if you’re new to Big Deal, check out this EP for a glimpse, but if you like what you hear, and chances are you will, you’ll want to check out their full length Lights Out. It’s two person eclectic pop that is full of sincerity and heart in it’s stripped down simplicity. Perhaps they’ll be a big enough deal yet, so ultimately there’ll only be one real deal Big Deal for you to pay attention to.

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