A Place To Bury Strangers – Onwards To The Wall

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Artist: A Place To Bury Strangers
Title: Onwards To The Wall
Record Label: Dead Oceans
Rating: 8.1

Who would have thought New York based sonic terrorists A Place To Bury Strangers would ever go minimal and embrace quiet with their latest EP, Onward To The Wall? No-one, that’s who! The noisy trio from NYC return with their usual aural assault and their brutal cacophony has not been compromised one bit. Admittedly there are songs that embrace a more post-punk motif, but this doesn’t mean that the three piece are afraid to still make an almighty racket.

The EP begins with ‘I Lost You’ which sounds like Ian Curtis fronting Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine at the same time. The sheer wall of sound lurching from the speakers is overwhelming and demonstrates the band at full velocity. After the face melting sound of the previous track, the EP careers forward still powered by tsunamis of sonic terror, albeit, slightly more considered. ‘So Far Away’ sees the band channel a more glacial approach, still with their trademark malevolence lurking in the background. The title track of the EP, manages to convey a certain sci-fi vibe with its chilling drones and squeals. ‘Drill It Up’ brings the EP to its brutal conclusion and fully
justifies its moniker as devastating columns of noise pummelling your ears until the dying moments. All throughout this melee, you can barely ascertain what frontman Oliver Ackermann is singing, but that doesn’t matter, we are sure the average APTBS fan would rather subject themselves to the squalling layers of feedback than ponder over any lyrical content.

It is fitting that Oliver Ackermann, the lynchpin of APTBS, is also the founder of the effects pedal company know as, Death By Audio. He knows his craft well as I am sure his band could kill with their sonic death rays. This latest nugget of noise only solidifies APTBS reputation as one of the World’s loudest bands. You can already see the sales in ear plugs rocket!

Words and Thoughts of Adam Williams

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