A Classic Education Interview


If you Haven’t heard of the band ‘A Classic Education’ you probably will soon. With the amount of touring this boys are doing, they are probably visiting your town or country soon. We talked with Jonathan Clancy a bit about making videos and touring in thse south.

NT: Where does your love of sixties melodies and psych pop come from?

JC: Because it was a time when 3 minute pop songs were perfect, good balance between all the parts and tons of room for experimenting

NT: How did you get involved with the ‘Shaking Through’ web series? I believe your the first foreign band to do it.

JC: It was out of the blue. A blog called Pixelhorse curated a few episodes and they chose us, was such a great experience, what they are doing for music and bands in general is important. No one gives that care nowadays.

NT: Can you tell me a bit about how the a guy from Canada ends up forming a band with a group of people from Italy?

JC: I’ve lived off and on in Italy for a long time, my family moved there and so it’s pretty natural. We all live in Bologna and are tied to the city.

NT: You guys are going on quite the long tour, so far you have played places in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, has it been a bit of an eye opener in terms of culture?

JC: We’ve toured here before, it’s always an eye opener, I think our love for the South has really grown, to see how people appreciate things, they are so open and welcoming and different from the stereotype we’ve become accostumed to. We love the long drives, the roads, we’re lucky.

NT: Where was the video for ‘Forever Boy’ shot? The landscape looks quite beautiful. It looked like you were having quite the party as well.

JC: It was shot near Ferrara/Ravenna in Italy, a place called Comacchio Valley, near the river Po. It’s an incredible sort of marshes area, with old fishing shacks. We did have a great time filming it, we did drink a lot to get the mood going.

NT: Tell me about the title of your record “Call It Blazing” where does the name originate from?

JC: We wanted a classic title, sort of like the rolling stones let it bleed… Well a classic education call it blazing.

NT: How did you guys end up working with Brian McTear? He has worked with some pretty impressive artists including Marissa Nadler and Danielson Famile, and Mazarin.

JC: He’s the main man behind Shaking Through, and did such a great job on Night Owl, just really understanding the sonic depth we wanted to give to the song.

NT: Are you guys all into Motorcycles?

JC: I think we really love them as objects, the look, the sense of freedom and liberty they can give.

NT: Can you tell me five of your favourite records of all time?

JC: Oh wow this is a hard one. Almost impossible. I’ll go with just a list of bands… Dylan, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Storm & Stress, Unwound. This could change any day of the year.


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