The Weeknd by Pat Beaudry, Virgin River Stage,

Osheaga 2017 – Day 3

With the sun in full effect, the final day of Osheaga was an uninterrupted blast, featuring artists of all genres and sizes, bringing the…

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Our interview with Blaenavon:

Blaenavon Keep It Fun

Starting in high school, Blaenavon mostly used their band to distract themselves from school. Six years later they’re international touring artists that are still…

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Lorde by Pat Beaudry,  @ Virgin Mobile River Stage

Osheaga 2017 – Day 1

The opening day of Osheaga started off on a rather disheartening note. After some early sets, lightning ended up cancelling highly anticipated sets from…

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Review 'Esc' by Doldrums

‘Esc’ by Doldrums

Montreal’s Doldrums certainly have a mastery of textures. On their latest release they take elegant melodies and dance-ready electronics and mash them together for…

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