“Bloom” by CLAVVS

After the release of their debut album halfblood, trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “claws”) returns with their new single “Bloom,” the third track off their sophomore release World Underwater.

Amber Renee on the new single:

“It’s a song about being a woman and a human being. The whole record is an exercise in repurposing typically feminine evils like sirens and serpents into powerful, beautiful symbols. ‘Bloom’ is about owning those archetypes and subverting them.”

“Bloom,” the third single from CLAVVS’ latest release World Underwater, is a salient, lush dance of resonant drums, vintage synths and tripped out jungle noises. These latest releases suggest that the duo is navigating further into their signature territory of dark, hypnotic alt pop and ATL-inspired trip hop– a singular sound that CLAVVS has made all their own.