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Trust’s darkly alluring strain of pop is on full display on “Heaven,” taken from debut album TRST. Icy oscillating synths charged full of nightly dissonance are bulked out with a lethargic hi-hat heavy bounce. The Petra Collins-directed video focuses on the emotive side of the track, the feeling of isolation, as it cross cuts between Robert Alfons walking down the street in a dreamlike trance and various scenarios – in a dark club, trapped behind a glass wall, falling from a bridge, the rapidly altering scenes furthering the feeling of loneliness and Alfons’ self-imprisonment.

The single will be released digitally January 21st.

Having played with the likes of DFA 1979, Crystal Castles, The Faint and Glass Candy, to
name a few, Trust now returns with a string of live shows in the UK and Europe.

‘Heaven’ Tracklist:


Heaven (Cloudland Mix)

Sulk (Sir Stephen Hips Mix)



4 – Queerbeat Festival, Vienna, Austria

5 – Queerbeat Festival, Munich, Germany

9 – Spot, Poznan, Polant

10 – 1500m2, Warsaw Poland

11 – Salon, Istanbul, Turkey

15 – Berghain, Berlin, Germany

16 – Uebel & Gefahlich, Hamburg, Germany

18 – Romandie, Lausanne,

19 – Palace, St Gallen,

21 – Le Sonic, Lyon, France

22 – Le Point Ephemere, Paris, France

23 – I-Boat, Bordeaux, France

24 – Pole Etudiant, Nantes, France

25 – L’Ubu, Rennes, France

26 – La Peniche, Lille, France

31 – Electrowerkz, London, UK


1 – Broadcast, Glasgow, UK

2 – Brudenell, Leeds, UK

4 – AB, Brussels, Belgium

6 – Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland

7 – Spillestedet Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark

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