SMLH Premieres New Track “New Visions”

SMLH Premieres New Track "Neon Visions"

SMLH, the solo project of 17 year-old Hillsborough, North Carolina, recently premiered his new track via Gold Flake Paint. Listen to “Neon Visions” above.

Sam Higgins started the SMLH project as merely an accumulation of 4-track demos that were recorded while he was in seventh grade. However, what was once cathartic regurgitation inspired by middle school goofiness and angst eventually grew into a more developed solo endeavor. Influenced heavily by the southern punk rock ethos of North Carolina legends the Flat Duo Jets as well as the stylings of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox.

“Neon Visions” is the first track from of an upcoming two song digital release. SMLH is said to be at work on a debut full-length record due out in Fall 2014. All of the music can be listened to and purchased on his Bandcamp.

SMLH Premieres First Track "Neon Visions"














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