Matt Kivel Announces New Album

Matt Kivel Announces New Album

LA-based singer-songwriter Matt Kivel is set to release his new album Days of Being Wild on July 8th via Woodist Records. Listen to “Insignificance” off of the new album above.

Recorded over the course of six weeks in the summer of 2013 in Los Angeles, this album is an addition to Matt Kivel’s solo venture. For this record, the singer, who also belongs to indie-pop band Princeton with his twin brother Jesse, drew inspiration from the works of artists such as Tom Petty, the Cars and Fleetwood Mac to experiment with a different sound. Days of Being Wild will be a follow-up to Matt’s 2013 release Double Exposure and the tracklisting for the upcoming album can be found below.

Kivel is also scheduled to perform at the Woodist Festival in Pioneertown, California on 16th August, 2014.

Matt Kivel Announces New Album












Days of Being Wild Tracklisting //

1. The First Time
2. Underwater
3. A Couple Hours
4. Twins
5. Insignificance
6. Little Girls
7. Open Road
8. Blonde Boy
9. Days of Being Wild
10.Only With the Wine
11.You and I Only
13.End of Adventure
14.Waving Goodbye


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