Glassjaw announce new LP ‘Material Control’

Glassjaw announce new LP 'Material Control'

New York post-hardcore band Glassjaw have announced their long-awaited third album Material Control for release December 1st. Speculation grew when a mysterious pre-order of the album was briefly visible on Amazon and then suddenly disappeared. Word of the pre-order quickly spread across Reddit, Twitter and various music blogs and websites. Fans began to cautiously believe that, indeed, a third album would drop soon. Glassjaw, notoriously tight-lipped, fueled more speculation when fans across the globe began to randomly receive mysterious mail from the band. The packages included thousands of postcards sent to express the band’s gratitude to the dedicated fanbase who have waited patiently for new music for over a decade (since Glassjaw’s last critically acclaimed full-length release Worship and Tribute in 2002). These ‘thank you’ postcards double as playable vinyl of each new track from Material Control.

The first track from the album, “new white extremity,” was released exactly two years prior to the album’s December 1st release date and precedes the current single “shira.”


new white extremity
11 days
pretty hell
bastille day
my conscience weighs a ton
material control
cut and run