Foxygen Release ‘Hang’ Demos

Foxygen Release Hang Demos Digital Album and 7” Flexi-Disc

Foxygen have Released Hang Demos Digital Album and 7” Flexi-Disc Today, Available Exclusively via Bandcamp. Closing out a year that began with the release of Foxygen’s fourth record, Hang, the Los Angeles-based duo is putting Hang Demos out into the world today.

Hang, which came out in January via Jagjaguwar, pulses with Sam France and Jonathan Rado’s commitment to a late Seventies sound built on theatrical opulence and ambition. Grandiose and stylized, Hang totes a 40+ piece symphony orchestra fleshing out every track, with arrangements by Trey Pollard of Spacebomb, and additional arrangements from Matthew E. White. The demos, on the other hand, obviously skew subtler. Hang Demos takes a step back, stripping the riches of Hang away and offering the bare bones of Rado and France’s songwriting.

France explains, “This is a collection of demos as a stripped down, lo fi glimpse at our fascinating songwriting process; two lone bedroom rock wizards in their element crafting an underrated orchestral masterpiece that will probably be looked back on as one of the greatest. And it is, with that lo-fi Rado production that’s the trademark of a Dream Star production.”

Available exclusively via Bandcamp, Hang Demos is available either digitally as a standalone, or with the addition of a two-sided flexi-disc featuring demos of “Follow the Leader” and “On Lankershim.”

Hang Demos

1. Follow The Leader (Demo Version)
2. Avalon (Demo Version)
3. Mrs. Adams (Demo Version)
4. On Lankershim (Demo Version)
5. Upon a Hill (Demo Version)
6. Trauma (Demo Version)
7. Rise Up (Demo Version)