Au.Ra release 4-track off ‘Jane’s Lament’

Au.Ra release 4-track off 'Jane's Lament' the full-length album will be available March 3rd

Made over the course of two years, the LP was birthed from improvised jams the pair play over droning guitars and looped drum beats. Tracks like “Sun,” and “Pyramid” emerge slowly out of interplays between simple melodies and layered, reverbed instrumentation.

Au.Ra’s “emotive soundscapes” perfectly encase their non-traditional pop songwriting, like on highlight “Morning,” where shimmering guitar riffs transport you to a serene, meditative realm. Their repetitive lyrics belie this easy transcendence, sometimes even verging on incantation. These songs evoke a languid drive along a bending highway in autumn, the scenery and light shifting.

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