I started Young God Records originally in 1990 to facilitate the release of SWANS music (1982-1997, and now 2010 – ? ). In the late 90’s the label expanded to include music by other artists as well as my group Angels of Light. We had a good run there for a while, but due to the changing (adverse) climate in music commerce, and my decision to re-invigorate Swans (and the demands of time and energy that entails), I have recently decided to limit the label to releases by Swans and my other musical endeavors, exclusively. I might decide to do a one-off release by a friend or person’s music I particularly admire on occasion here and there in the future, but for the most part my role as “label boss” and producer etc is on permanent hiatus. I love the music the label has released, and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to work with other artists on their music and careers. Many of them have become good friends. Most YGR releases will remain in print and available either through this website, what remaining retail venues exist, as well as digitally through the usual avenues. Your decision to purchase the music, rather than obtain it through other means, will go a long way towards enabling the work of Swans and the label to continue. Thanks for your support!

Best Wishes – Michael Gira

SWANS announce Oxygen EP release, out 24 Nov - Listen to Daniel Miller's edit

SWANS announce Oxygen EP release

SWANS will release a new EP, Oxygen, out digitally on 24 November 2014. Featuring an edit of Oxygen by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a live version from Primavera, an early version recorded at Gira’s home and an acoustic version recorded at Studio Mute, the title track of the four-track EP is taken from their latest album:

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Swans re-issue debut album FILTH, on vinyl w original cover art

Swans re-issue debut album FILTH

Young God Records follows the release of this year’s two hour long Swans opus To Be Kind, with the vinyl re-release of their debut album Filth on October 28 on Young God in North America and Mute the preceding day in all other territories. Filth inaugurates an ambitious series of re-issues of Swans’ back-catalogue over the coming year. This is the first authorized vinyl edition of the album in 24 years:

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SWANS sign to Mute, their New Album "To Be Kind" will be out 12 May 2014. Michael Gira will do a Solo European Tour in March, starting on the first in Lyon.

SWANS Sign To Mute, New Album Out May 12th

We (Swans) have recently completed our new album. It is currently being mastered at the time of this writing. It is called To Be Kind. The release date is set for May 13, 2014. It will be available as a triple vinyl album, a double CD,

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