Wharf Cat is a Greenpoint-based label with a catalog spanning a wide array of independent music from, so far, two geographically far-flung locals: Brooklyn, NY and Tampa, Florida. Founded by Doug Warner, his brother Trip and visual artist Sam Falls in 2011, Wharf Cat is still navigating the uncertainties that come with both the practical upkeep of a label and the necessity of establishing a clear aesthetic vision. We spoke with Doug Warner about the company’s origins, as well as some exciting upcoming releases and reissues they’re planning. They were also kind enough to make a playlist for us featuring Boulders, Blanche Blanche Blanche, R-Hundro, and many other bands in the family.

The Ukiah Drag announce tour with Merchandise, "Dirt trip is now out on Wharf Cat records. The Ukiah Drag tour with Merchandise starting in Birmingham, AL

The Ukiah Drag announce tour with Merchandise

The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile: haunted by grave, aberrant definitions of rock n’ roll, post punk and what it ultimately means for the Superego to be blitzed by the Id. Personnel of The Drag stem from the Tampa scene,

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