The End Records is an independent record label, founded in 1998 in San Diego. Founder Andreas Katsambas initially wanted to bring attention to some underground bands he admired. In 2002, The End moved to Salt Lake City, when his wife took a job at the University of Utah. The label moved definitively to New York in 2006. The End has two sublabels: Unruly Sounds, specialized in extreme metal, and Infinite Vinyl Series, specialized in the publication of limited edition vinyls.[6] Through much of the company’s history there has been a major focus on mail-order distribution.

The label’s CEO is founder Andreas Katsambas. In his 2010 book Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, Jeff Wagner, a former editor of the magazine Metal Maniacs, described The End Records as “perhaps the most welcoming label home for the late-’90s/early-2000s wave of new avant-garde metal”

Art Brut release compilation arizona on The End Records

Art Brut Premieres “Arizona Bay”

Art Brut have been called many things over the course of our career, not all of them polite. The thing we get called most often is an ‘art band’, which I accept is totally our fault for putting the word Art in our name

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