Sonic Unyon Records & LabelGroup has been operating for seventeen years. Initially a record label only, Sonic Unyon developed a separate labelgroup arm in order to advantage of the network the self-distributed label had set up, and ensure that the Sonic Unyon label as well as hundreds of other similar independent labels could have a solid home base in Canada.

Mark Milne, Sandy McIntosh and Tim Potocic, all members of the band Tristan Psionic, started the Sonic Unyon label in 1993. Still in university at the time, Sandy and Mark began dubbing tapes for their own and other local bands on a pair of tape decks. When the two took on Tim as the band’s new drummer, they had unknowingly found the final partner required to operate their dream business. Today Mark and Tim continue to run both sides of the business while their good friend Sandy has moved on to the world of architecture.

From the beginning, the company’s mandate has been to foster awareness of undiscovered musical talent while offering artists a chance to become successful independently. Sonic Unyon hoped to fill a gap they saw existing in their musical community, a gap that could previously only be bridged by an independent artist’s leap to a major label.

In addition to releasing and promoting of their label artists, Sonic Unyon also took on the labelgroup of their records nationally across Canada. By refusing to rely on the available distributors of the early nineties and instead creating their own system from scratch, Sonic Unyon was able to ensure their recordings were in stores and in the process established a reliable labelgroup company known worldwide for its work in Canada.

Sonic Unyon LabelGroup was formed as a separate entity to focus on the labelgroup of independent domestic and international CDs and DVDs to Canadian independent and chain retailers alike including HMV Canada, Sunrise , Entertainment One, Groupe Archambault, Best Buy, numerous independent retailers and digital accounts such as iTunes, eMusic, Zunior, Puretracks as well a direct to consumer component as part of their customer base. We are proud to represent labels including Constellation, Fearless Records, Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguar, Asthmatic Kitty, Dischord, Eyeball, Hydrahead, Nuclear Blast, Profound Lore, BYO, Blue Fog, Polyvinyl, Fat Cat, Season of Mist, Redeye LabelGroup, Southern Lord, Season of Mist, Warp Records, Amalgam Entertainment, 101 LabelGroup, Thrill Jockey and more. We are also proud to represent film companies including Plexifilm, Warp Films and Factory 25.

Sonic Unyon Label Group is a unique Canadian independent distributor in that it possesses the strength of a major in partners Universal Canada & Fontana North providing back room duties and support, while maintaining the finesse and personal touch required to get those early records out by new artists. Maintaining a separate warehouse dedicated to serving Canadian independent retail, mail order and digital customers sets Sonic Unyon Label Group apart from the rest.

Review of the new Kestrels' EP, 'The Moon Is Shinning Our Way' the album comes out on July 1st via Sonic Unyon/ Noyes records. Kestrels play 7/3 in Toronto

Review of the new EP from Kestrels

Nova Scotia based trio are set to release the follow-up to their 2012 release “A Ghost History” with their EP titled “The Moon Is Shining Our Way” on July 1st via Sonic Unyon. Recorded in Toronto, the four-song EP,

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