Pickathon Releases 2013 Live Stream Broadcast Schedule; Watch On Pickathon.com & KEXP.org

Pickathon Releases 2013 Live Stream Schedule

Pickathon welcomes you to join them in digital spirit as they transmit our signals across the World Wide Web. Always committed to providing the highest quality video and audio, Pickathon will broadcast performances via the festival website (www.pickathon.com),

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pickathon adds many events for kids to add to the great lineup that includes Foxygen, Kurt Vile, and Andrew Bird

Pickathon Has great Bands, Fun For Kids Too

The festival that includes Kurt Vile, Foxygen, and to many more to mention. They want you to bring your kids too! Lets just face the facts, sometimes it’s just not any fun attempting to bring the kids out to your favorite 3-day music festival. Too many adults, not enough kids, and definitely not an over abundance of stuff for them to do so everyone can keep their sanity

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Pickathon add more artists to lineup

Pickathon Adds New Acts To Lineup

Pickathon 2013 (aka Pickathon’s 15TH ANNIVERSARY!) is creeping closer by the day, so naturally this means there is more exciting news to share! We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Ty Segall, The Relatives, and Jessica Pratt

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