Battle Trance Reveals Track "palace of wind 1" off of their debut album "palace of wind" out august 26th on New amsterdam Records/ NNA Tapes

Battle Trance Reveal Track off of Debut Album

Since many of the techniques used in the piece are nearly impossible to notate in traditional form, Palace of Wind was transmitted via the oral tradition. The rehearsals were much like martial arts training: intricate sounds were rigorously copied and repeated by the ensemble members until they perfected the techniques

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Review Of "Gay Disco" By 'Guerilla Toss'. "Gay Disco" comes out December 10th on NNA Tapes. The first single from "Gay Disco" is "Pink Elephant".

Review Of “Gay Disco” By ‘Guerilla Toss’

Press releases, in these trying times, have a tendency to inflate the best aspects of a band. Their goal is to try and move more units, sell more tickets, but they ultimately give a false sense of urgency. It should be seen as a blessing that Guerilla Toss is a band that actually fits,

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