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Review Of ‘Synthetica’ By Metric

So the good news is fans won’t be disappointed by Synthetica, Metric’s fifth LP.Counting 11 tracks strong, the album’s ‘punny’ title summarizes the band’s intention to create something that walks the fine line between what is real and what is artificial. Emily Haines and Co. take the bet by having band member Jimmy Shaw self-produce the recording. The results speak for themselves.
The opening track sets the tone like Nyree Watt’s photography gives away Mark Kozelek. Artificial Nocturne opens with the soon-to-be-quotable line ‘I’m just as fucked up as they say’, synths for namesake are thankfully ever present. The track is an always-welcomed and aggressive note from the already established indie band circuit, a daring challenge to the music scene of today.

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