Recently, in passing mumbles of conversation, when casually across the rooms of my recording studio I’ve mentioned to unsuspecting artists and acquaintances�my idea of starting a new record label, the nearly universal response has been,�Are You Insane??

Yes, quite — the traditional model of a record label is withering into obscurity, and even indie labels can’t seem to justify the old standard 50/50 profit split with artists anymore. Record stores continue to close around the U.S. and bands often find their fans online, with facebook and blogs acting as the 3rd parties.

However, these trends are leaving a lot of artists to fend for themselves as true independents, and although this has a certain romantic appeal, the reality of strength in numbers and organization of promotion and distribution is often just out of reach for artists without some form of representation.�So, after extensively talking the finer points through with a few of my bandmates in multiple Athens, Georgia based ensembles, we’ve decided to pool our collective resources and organize a record label ourselves.

I have a particularly warm and fuzzy soft spot for the Lepidoptera of the world, and the Mazarine Blue is a rare and exceptionally beautiful European butterfly. Mazarine Records intends to put out high quality, singular music using a new record label model focused on artist involvement and responsibility, fair profit sharing, high-volume media production, and guerilla-style promotional tactics.

We will also be releasing monthly songs for free download by Mazarine artists on our blog, so come back often and hear what’s happening!