I act like any music fan… just the same as when I was in junior high and high school (secondary school for the rest of the world). Whenever I found a record I thought was especially cool, I’d play it for my friends and hype it and watch their reaction. I feel the same enthusisam for a lot of Brazilian “pop” music, a lot of Rock en Español… hell, for all the stuff on the label. It just so happened that I’d assembled these compilations of my Brazilian faves for myself, from my own vinyl collection, and I realized that it sounded pretty good, and I didn’t get tired of it, and more importantly I guess, I realized that there wasn’t a compilation of this stuff out there. Sure, there were bossa nova collections in existence, but I felt that that was, however wonderful, only an inkling of the vast music riches that this country has produced. So, my impulse was like any fan’s, not a do-gooder attitude… this is not school, this is pop music after all… I wanted to turn friends on to stuff I liked. David Byrne

Javelin share Marimba Song for cinco de mayo

Javelin Share ‘The Marimba Song’

NY/LA genre-hopping duo Javelin has premiered the previously unreleased ‘The Marimba Song’ to celebrate the next leg of their spring tour, which takes them to NY’s Brooklyn Bowl with Jamaican Queens this Saturday

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