Lightning released its first records in 2013, Cy Dune’s blazing EP No Recognize, and the debut LP by legendary Japanese guitarist Shinji Masuko, Boredom’s guitarist/drone maker and DMBQ founder’s new project Moan. These albums were praised by critics from Pitchfork, AD HOC, Noisey, and more – setting the stage for the 2014 20 Artist Series and accompanying first 4 Lightning Magazines.

Lightning’s events and happenings started with the initial experiments and happenings in the Sonoran desert, and have since taken place all over the American Southwest – in 2014 they hosted events on a 100 acre desert plot with High Desert Test Sites in California, one in Three Points, AZ, and one at the Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency Ranch – and have been known to include earth art, archery, coffee roasting experiments, amplifier installations, paintball, dirt biking, large scale mineral sculptures, and just plain hanging out. Future happenings are in the plans now for Alaska, LA, Italy, Bali, and Japan.

Lightning announces first quarterly magazine, releases from William Tyler, Cy Dune, Wooden Wand, PEOPLE OF THE NORTH (ONEIDA) AND OHIOAN

Lightning Records reveals quarterly magazine

With the announce of their first Quarterly, Lightning is blasting countercultural fun by collaborating with artists, dirtbikers, musicians, surfers, gold miners, and more than a few ripping guitarists. The first quarterly is part of a larger subscription series

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