Based out of Richmond, Virgina, Ki:Theory (pronounced “key theory”) is about drop his newest album KITTY HAWK on October 29th in collaboration with Kringer Records. We’ve gotten a glimpse of a few tracks off the forthcoming album as Ki:Theory, aka Joel Burleson, has already released the title track and “I Wanna Run” featuring vocals from Maura Davis. But most importantly, we’ve got your first look at Ki:Theory’s newest release is “Open Wound”.

KI Theory Share New Video For "Needles" Ki:Theory's KITTY HAWK is out now on Kringer Records.

KI Theory Share New Video For “Needles”

Ki:Theory’s synth driven “Needles” featuring Maura Davis (Denali/Ambulette) gets the Sci-Fi treatment from director, Amos McKay. “The song to me evokes images of an Orwellian society taken over by conformity and eventually government mind control. I was inspired by the classically dark storylines and contrasted imagery from shows reminiscent of The Twilight Zone,

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