Korda Records is a Minneapolis based record label cooperative launched in 2012 by Allison LaBonne (Typsy Panthre, The Starfolk, The Owls), David Schelzel (The Ocean Blue), Brian Tighe (The Starfolk, The Hang Ups, The Owls) and the Legendary Jim Ruiz (Jim Ruiz Set). Korda (n. Swedish chord) is comprised of a close knit group of friends who love each others’ music, and want to help each others’ music reach more people who will love it too.

“We’ve been doing this a long time and been through just about everything in the music business. We have a lot of records among us, on both major and indie labels. We’ve toured extensively, done lots of music videos, films, licensing. We’re at a point now where we want to simplify, and do things on a more direct and friendly level,” says David Schelzel.

The founders all live in Minneapolis and have deep roots there. “I’ve lived here my whole life,” says Allison LaBonne, “and I love the ease and beauty of Minneapolis. It is extremely bike-friendly with quick access to lakes and greenery, and distinct seasonal change that is stunningly gorgeous. The long, dark winters provide enforced introversion for creative types; so we have a vibrant arts scene.”

The Ocean Blue Premieres "Can't Let Go" Embarks on Fall Tour, Deluxe 'Waterworks' LP

The Ocean Blue Premieres “Can’t Let Go”

The Ocean Blue’s new release, Waterworks (Korda 008), out9/9/14, is a reissue of sorts of the band’s rare 2004 EP that has been expanded to an LP that includes 3 new additional songs and updates for vinyl, CD and digital formats. The record showcases:

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The Ocean Blue Premieres "Ground Gives Way". Announce Fall Tour || 'Ultramarine' LP Out Now on Korda Records + Available On Vinyl On Korda

The Ocean Blue Premieres “Ground Gives Way”

The Ocean Blue‘s debut record on the famed Sire Records label in 1989 achieved widespread acclaim and radio & MTV airplay. The band of four young high schoolers from Hershey, Pennsylvania went on to do two more well-received records for Sire,

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