Album Review of 'Rainbow' by Kesha

Kesha ‘Rainbow’

In keeping with the album’s themes of perseverance against all odds, it’s pretty remarkable that Rainbow exists at all. It’s Kesha’s first record after…

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Yelle Shares video for "Complètement Fou", Her album 'Complètement Fou' comes out 9/30

Yelle Shares video for “Complètement Fou”

Yelle has released a colorful new video for the title track which is now available for viewing. The video, directed by French Collective Milord and L’Etiquette, upholds the song title’s meaning, “completely crazy.” Yelle recently released a lyric video for the “Complètement Fou” that is accompanied by a translator app. The lyric video features:

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Yelle shares new single, "Complètement Fou" Complètement Fou LP out 8/30 on Kemosabe Records

Yelle shares new single, “Complètement Fou”

Complètement fou. If you’ve got even a barely passable grasp on functional French then you’ll know what those two words mean. Bonkers. Bananes. Completely crazy. It’s a phrase that not only goes a long way to describing the gleefully mad,

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