Ivy League Records is a record label based in Sydney, Australia.

Associated with the music management company, Winterman & Goldstein, and Ivy League Music publishing, the label was founded in 1997 by Cameron Emerson-Elliot (now in Youth Group), Peter Lusty and James Roden (now in The City Lights) of The John Reed Club. Three partners from Winterman & Goldstein, Pete Lusty (John Reed Club), Andy Kelly (Glide) and Andy Cassell (formerly from Youth Group), acquired ownership of the label in 1998.

Cloud Control "Dream Cave" revieweed by Northern Transmissions

Review Of “Dream Cave” By Cloud Control

When a friend of mine asked what I thought about the album I was reviewing, without thinking, my gut response was, “It’s splendidly banal.” Sadly, that is the truthful response to Cloud Controls’ new album, Dream Cave. Let it be known that when I start listening to an album for a review,

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