“Music is important to us. It’s what differentiates us. There are a lot of companies in the hospitality space, but one of our main differentiators is being a brand that plugs you into music.” – John Galloway, Chief Marketing Officer

“It’s kind of like music philanthropy. We want to find bands that need a leg up.” – Blake Smith – A&R, Hard Rock Records®

“The success for us is taking a band that doesn’t have the means to tour but really wants to pursue their dream of getting on the road.” – James Buell – A&R, Hard Rock Records®

An independent music label created to find, assist, and promote up-and-coming music across the globe, Hard Rock Records® is forging a new way for bands to make and distribute their music. Each artist on Hard Rock Records® will receive assistance in touring, production, marketing, promotion and distribution. In return, artists will commit to Hard Rock Records® for a one year period from their release of their album, after which they are free to sign with anyone interested in their talent (in fact, we’ll help them).

There is no cookie cutter approach to what we’re doing. We want an open line of communication with our artists and will adapt our approach to suit their needs. Our goal is to make artists feel at home with Hard Rock and empowered to explore their creative vision as they pursue their ultimate dreams in the music space. In short, we are looking for partners as much as we are musicians. We want to find passionate people who believe in themselves and what they can accomplish together with Hard Rock.

Flashlights debut "Blue Dream" video

Flashlights Debut “Blue Dream” video

Flashlights’ has premiered their new video for “Blue Dream” from the band’s album Bummer Summer. The band’s sophomore album, Bummer Summer is out available now on Hard Rock Records. The album follows up 2011’s I’m Not Alone and was:

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Flashlights' Announce new "Bummer Summer", to be released by Hard Rock records. They play 3/9 in Pensacola, FL. Their single "Failure" is now streaming.

Flashlights’ Announce Album “Bummer Summer”

Flashlights has premiered their single “Failure” from the upcoming album, Bummer Summer, out this Spring on Hard Rock Records. Pure Volume said, “Taking inspiration from ’90s indie heroes Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf and Superchunk, Flashlights’ riveting guitar pop,

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