Simply put, we are an independent New Zealand music label. We started in 1981, like many independent labels do, by just wanting to make music we like available for people we like. It is still why we do it.

But a lot’s happened since then.

Pretty soon we got bigger than we’d ever have dreamed possible. All the while working with a wonderfully diverse bunch of brilliant bands and crazy characters that were making music for like-minded people all around the world. Then we got partially bought by someone else. But after a while they got bought by someone else. And after some more time Flying Nun stopped being what it was supposed to be…

We started off with a simple, do-it-yourself post-punk attitude, which still remains. After all, who else was going to record and release the likes of The Clean, Chris Knox or The Dead C. It also happened that we were stuck on a couple of remote islands at the bottom of the world. So we were always going to be a bit different from the word go.

We are truly independent in the ‘music industry’ sense of the term, and Flying Nun Records – as it always was – is about the musicians and the fans, so feel free to say hi, spout an opinion, or simply let us know what you want to hear.

All in all, nothing’s changed really. We’re right back where we started, just a little bit older and a little bit wiser.

Website thank you’s to Luke, John, Dan and the team at Youdo, Paul McNeil for our fancy fonts and styles, Matt Dillon for the tricky bits, Matt Kerr for de-signings and Simon Coley for the sage advice.

Robert Scott (The Bats, The Clean) Premieres "Vertigo" Video today, New Solo LP

Robert Scott (The Clean) Premieres “Video”

Robert Scott (The Bats, The Clean) Premieres New Video for “Vertigo” today. His New Solo LP The Green House comes out November 4th in the US via Flying Nun Records. Robert Scott, frontman of The Bats, the centre point of The Clean, has a new solo album, The Green House, out this November:

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Tiny Ruins Reveals Tour with Sharon Van Etten, starts October 8th in Detroit, MI, Tiny Ruins' latest album 'Brightly Painted One' is now out on Flying Nun

Tiny Ruins Reveals Tour with Sharon Van Etten

Tiny Ruins, the project of New Zealand native Hollie Fullbrook, has just wrapped up her recent North American tour in support of her latest album Brightly Painted One, out now on Flying Nun Records. She will return to the U.S. to open for Sharon Van Etten:

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