Butterscotch Records was founded by producer and recording engineer Allen Farmelo. Butterscotch brings an ethos of quality, fidelity and artistic focus to record making while simultaneously nurturing a guild-like community of recording artists and collaborators.

In the face of the disembodiment of music in the digital era (especially with the advent of music streaming), Butterscotch looks to the analog era when art, design, performance and recording were fused together in the multi-sensory experience of an album as a high-quality physical object. Farmelo’s predilection for analog recording methods, his high standards for fidelity and his interest in the visual component of records are met with open arms by the artists on the Butterscotch roster.

Butterscotch is also helping to redefine high-fidelity in the 21st century, liberating it from it’s high-brow associations and asserting a new paradigm in which high-fidelity records simply offer stunning 3-dimensional, holographic sonic experiences. This new definition of high-fidelity will help usher in a broader awareness of audio quality, inviting more and more people into powerful and immersive listening experiences.

Beauty Pill signs to Butterscotch Records; New Album Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are due in 2015

Beauty Pill Shares Details Of New Album

After over a decade with Dischord Records, the DC-based band Beauty Pill has signed with the new New York-based label Butterscotch Records. Of the label switch, Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark says: “I will always feel love and gratitude toward Dischord. I don’t know where I’d be in my life if it weren’t for Ian MacKaye believing in me and choosing:

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