Disillusioned by temporal and spatial confines, Roland Tings aka Mr. Rohan Newman is a musical relativist here to incite a non-revolution. Working as a freelance graphic designer, a burgeoning Melbourne club scene and a ventilation leak of a beat-making neighbor’s tracks sparked the former emo-head’s purchase of a microKORG and a pedestrian interface. During a revelatory Indonesian vacation a few years later, the embryonic fragments of uncertain musical ideas crystallized into the synth arpeggio driven, percussive-sticky house spacescapes of what would become his first single, Milky Way (Sep. 2012). After some unanticipated positive reinforcement from 100% Silk, Newman shut himself in to bust out the rest of an EP, producing a collage of recognizable motifs from golden ages past – from the “primal pulses of early Chicago house to the shimmering keys of euro pioneers” – amidst a charmingly simple tapestry of dreamy atmospherics. Here’s a peek into the inner-workings of the mind behind it all, from the man himself.

Policy Premieres New Track & Video, 'Postscript' EP. 'Postscript' EP is out October 1st, on 100% Silk

Policy Premieres New Track & Video

On October 1st, NYC-based producer Francis Hsueh aka Policy will release his new EP Postscript on 100% Silk. The four track album is elegant yet danceable and incorporates elements jazz, electronic, latin groove, Afro-beat.

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Policy Announces 'Postscript' EP Out October 1st on 100% Silk

Policy Reveals ‘Postscript’ Out October 1st

To label Policy’s music as ‘house’ misses the point entirely – it careens smoothly through territories occupied by jazz, avant-garde, electronic, latin groove, and Afro-beat, carefully selecting the hallmarks of each genre and delivering it as an elegant, yet dance-able, collection of moments.

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Shams announces release of Piano Cloud

SHAMS Announces ‘Piano Cloud’ EP

SHAMS is back with Piano Cloud, a new EP out May 21st on independent label 100% Silk. Leading off with first single “She Wanted To Watch,” the record is full of smooth beats and soulful house with a flow that fits somewhere between 3 AM and brunch” according to the artist himself, Brooklyn-based Jonathan Coward”.

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Maria Minerva ‘Bless’ Out April 2nd

Maria Minerva, The Estonian native is back with a new EP, Bless, out April 2nd on LA-based independent label, 100% Silk. Currently touring in Europe, Minerva will perform in New York this March followed by several showcases in Austin at this year’s SXSW

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