After a near death experience and a chance encounter with ’60s folk sensation Jerry Yester, NYC-based artist and musician Ziemba, recorded a cover of Yester and Henske’s 1969 cult masterpiece, “Rapture” – the video for the track recently made it’d debut Ziemba calls her “dance at death’s edge– my whimsical glance into the abyss.” The track is off Ziemba’s debut full-length Hope is Never, now out on Low & Behold.

The artist, whose real name is René Kladzyk, describes Yester and Henske’s work as “existing in a musical space located far outside of its time and the trodden terrain of planet Earth.” Her “Rapture” music video exudes the same feeling. Featuring flowing gowns designed by the singer herself, the video is a colorful ’60s wonderland mixed with Ziemba’s vision of the future-an existential, beautiful meditation on death.