Hailing from Brittany, Yann Tiersen is one of the most revered artists of his generation with a reputation first established by his studio albums (which included 1997 Cascade Street 1998’s The Lighthouse andto 2005’s Les Retrouvailles). The early albums were combined and used for the Amelie soundtrack (2001), earning him global recognition. Recent albums on Mute, Dust Lane (2010) and Skyline (2011) has seen his prominence build, along with projects such as the recent live score to the Fantômasseries which he curated at the Théâtre de Châtelet with guests Tim Hecker, James Blackshaw, Loney Dear and Amiina.

Yann Tiersen Unveils "Meteorites" Video, Announces Worldwide Tour Dates,

Yann Tiersen Unveils “Meteorites” Video

Yann Tiersen has unveiled the video for ‘Meteorites’, the closing track on the latest album, ∞ (Infinity). ‘Meteorites’ features Aidan Moffat’s mesmerizing tale of a single moment in time, and the video – directed by RobisRob whose credits include Franz,

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Yann Tiersen Announces North American Tour. He will make his first stop in London, England on March 14th. His new album Infinity will be out May 20 on Mute

Yann Tiersen Announces North American Tour

Yann Tiersen has announced a brand new album, ∞ (Infinity), out on May 20th and a full North American tour kicking off with two performances on May 25th and 26th in Mexico, at Teatro De La Ciudad “Esperanza Iris.” Yann will continue,

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