Volcano Choir are an indie band and collaboration by Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees. Their music combines Vernon’s soft vocals with Collections of Colonies of Bees’ post rock sound

All Tiny Creatures Release Brand New Mixtape & Remix Volcano Choir

All Tiny Creatures Remix Volcano Choir

Today, All Tiny Creatures is announcing the release of the All Die Out Mixtape, the next illumination in the series of expanded audio accompaniments to their second album, Dark Clock. Like The Book and A Lone Sound before it,

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Volcano Choir Releases Second Single "Comrade" from September Album Repave. out on Jagjaguwar on September 3rd in North America and September 2nd in Europe

Volcano Choir Releases Single “Comrade”

Volcano Choir, out on Jagjaguwar on September 3rd in North America and September 2nd in Europe. Perhaps the most seamless yet dynamic marriage of electronic and acoustic instrumentation on the album, “Comrade” almost entirely unravels just before it explodes.

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Volcano Choir previews first single "Byegone" from "Repave" out September 2 on Jagjaguwar

Volcano Choir Release First Single “Byegone”

olcano Choir’s “Byegone” is an anthem that rises and churns like the sea – an exemplification of what’s possible at the intersection of plush, thoughtful instrumentation and a signature vocal performance. The sound of their collaboration is in lockstep

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Volcano announces new album "Repave" to be released on September 4 via Jagjaguwar

Volcano Choir Returns with “Repave”

Jagjaguwar has announced the second long-player from Wisconsin six-piece ensemble Volcano Choir. Repave builds from the musical relationship built on their 2009 debut, Unmap, and finds the band operating as a fully-realized unit

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