Music doesn’t always fit into neat categories. Neither do the narratives we create. Detroit’s is one of a city on the rise. But to rise, you must first climb out of the wreckage. Former Awesome Color member Derek Stanton has done just that with Turn To Crime. What started as a solo ambient-noise project quickly evolved into an experimental pop band. Stanton began writing songs on drums and keyboard with Sonic Youth-flavored guitars woven in. Using his voice as an instrument, Stanton wrote and recorded almost all of Turn To Crime’s debut album, Can’t Love (out July 1st on Mugg & Bopp Records/Old Flame Records), by himself. Can’t Love is full of both off-kilter, ear candy pop jams and kraut-like guitar epics. The excellent lead track, “Sunday’s Cool,” features Stanton’s signature vocal and guitar one-two punch. In a city where rock ‘n roll reigns supreme, Turn To Crime carries the torch for explorative, forward-thinking, ambient, post-punk, post-everything, post-whatever music.