Torn Hawk is the audio project of producer and video artist Luke Wyatt. Over the past couple of years, Wyatt has unfurled a serial tapestry of content arguing for a reconciliation of aesthetic irony with compositional sincerity and emotional vulnerability. It’s difficult to neatly categorize Wyatt’s genre-refracting productions, which formerly have found a home on L.I.E.S., Not Not Fun, Rush Hour’s “No Label”, 1080p, and several other labels, including his own imprint Valcrond Video. The nuts & bolts of Let’s Cry’s eight tracks are built from live guitar, drum machines, junky synths, and layers of acid-washed samples. Wyatt smears the disparate elements of each track into a cohesive whole that transcends the (banality) (thrift-store dustiness) of each: the result is a series of heart-tuggingly confessional watercolors, framed with cinderblocks and distressed leather.

Torn Hawk Releases New Single: "Acceptance Speech," New album'Let's Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time' out November 10th

Torn Hawk Shares Single “Acceptance Speech”

Next month, Torn Hawk is set to release his latest album, Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time on Mexican Summer. His most recent full-length statement as Torn Hawk, the album marks the onset of a more emotionally manipulative and sonically confident direction. Today, Torn Hawk has revealed the visual single for “Acceptance Speech.” By playfully making reference to it’s own artificiality, the imagery accompanying:

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