Following his debut release TCOLT, part-Danish and nominal part-English citizen Sebastian Zieler – aka ticktock – is unveiling Fault Lines, his second EP, on 20th November 2015 via The Big Oil Recording Company.

Zieler’s brand of austere electronica takes as many of its cues from sci-fi (from Blade Runner to Iain M. Banks’ Culture series) as it does from pop producers from Timbaland to Grimes. Fault Lines combines grainy samples with polished production – “nature and tech growing together,” as Zieler would have it.

So ‘optinoptoutoptnot’ opens the EP on an unexpectedly low-key fashion, with the startling order “Punch it in my thigh, carry me to sea,” and ‘Stripped of Reuptake Inhibitions’ marries a joyful almost calypso-like melody to politically charged lyrics. Meanwhile, lead single ‘Pastel Clouds’ turns the futuristic R&B sounds of FKA Twigs on its head, its hypnotic stop-start structure only emphasising the dark turns its lyric takes (“I love you waking me, breaking my skin…”).