Today, Danish band Wands debut their new video for “Faces”, the tittle-track off their forthcoming EP, out September 5th, via Fuzz Club Records.

“The duo composed of lifelong friends, Christian Skibdal and Mads Gräs. The Danish part is more than just a marker of their national identities: it’s an indication of the unique niche they’ve carved out for themselves within the Scandinavian psych scene. In this scene, you have neo-psych bands, and then you have The Wands—a band that isn’t neo-psych as much as it is truly psychedelic, precisely in the way it was meant to be in the ’60s and ’70s. This organic embodiment lies in The Wands’ ability to simultaneously conjure acidy, hazy soundscapes and straight up classic rock ’n roll; in their ability to strike a balance between joyful lightheartedness of sound and utmost commitment to musical innovation; and in their music that swells with sound exhilaratingly rich and expansive, yet also highlights the distinct authenticity and human quality of the vocals and the instruments. The Wands truly embody the essence of psych music because they don’t just stick to one brand of it: they aren’t afraid to expand their sound along with their minds, and continue building their skill as musicians while they’re at it”.