The Dismemberment Plan is a Washington D.C. based indie rock band formed on January 1, 1993. Also known as D-Plan or The Plan, the name comes from a stray phrase uttered by insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in the popular comedy Groundhog Day.[1] The band members include Eric Axelson (bass), Jason Caddell (guitar), Joe Easley (drums) and Travis Morrison (vocals and guitar). Axelson, Caddell, Morrison and original drummer Steve Cummings formed the band in college, knowing each other from attending various Northern Virginia high schools (Axelson, Cummings, and Morrison attended Lake Braddock Secondary School together in Burke, Virginia). Cummings left the band after the recording of the Plan’s debut album ! and was replaced by Easley, cementing the band’s lineup. The Dismemberment Plan released four albums, before breaking up in 2003. They reunited in early 2011, touring the US and Japan and releasing a live album. They band have announced that they are going to release their new album “Uncanney Valley” on 15th October.

The Dismemberment plan reunite, will release new album "Uncanny Valley" October 15 on Partisan Records

The Dismemberment Plan Reunite + New Album

The Dismemberment Plan, the groundbreaking and influential indie rock four-piece, are excited to announce that they have signed to Partisan Records and will release Uncanney Valley, the group’s first album of new music in 12 years on October 15th.

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