The Albertans formed in Vancouver, defects from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the U.S. They met as a collective, and piled into a propane-fueled, converted short bus to tour down to San Diego and back. They toured this way for the next 2 years. Unglamorously, crossing the continent to record in New York, playing shows with bands they didn’t know, for people that didn’t know them. They traveled 50,000 miles, hopped borders, broke down, slept on the road. They collected fans through their wanderings, played festivals, left the homes they never had, and toured until their tired bus died on the wake of a road outside Duluth, Minnesota.

That was summer ’08 to summer ’10. It’s a new year now, or at least a jewish new year. The Albertans have their second record to put out, which is being released on Ernest Jenning Records, and is called “New Age.” The record was engineered by Morgan Whirledge of “Amazing Baby,” and mixed by Malachi DeLorenzo of “Langhorne Slim.” The band will, of course, take to the road again in February of 2011, before “New Age” is released in March.

The Albertans Announce North American Tour Dates, Debut New Video Debut new video for "Jason" album, "Dangerous Anything" out September 10

The Albertans Announce Tour, New Video

Supporting their latest studio album, Dangerous Anything, Vancouver’s The Albertans are back in their propane fueled short-bus and back on the road, starting in Portland on September 4 and making their way to Quebec for POP Montreal.

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