London producer Tev’n has been experimenting with beats for some time, occasionally posting the results on SoundCloud.

But then it clicked. Completely shifting his sound, his outlook the young artist decided to delete his productions from the web and start over.

Of course, it helps if your new sound is an intoxicating blend of whispered R&B and inventive synth Futurism. ‘Rose Petal’ and ‘Fallng Away’ swiftly emerged online, with word quickly spreading about the reclusive producer.

Now the full mixtape has been released. Containing eight tracks, ‘Solitude’ is a broad display of the Tev’n outlook, but also features a sharply focussed sense of identity.

Dank beats are married to lurid, purple synths with Tev’n retaining a sense of emotional intimacy.

TEV'n unveils KWES reworking of 'Chasing Storms',

TEV’n unveils KWES rework ‘Chasing Storms’

Late last year Tev’n unveiled his debut mixtape ‘Solitude’. Bookended by “Rose Petal” and “Falling Away”, two shimmering slices of off-kilter Rn’B, it announced an indisputable rising star. Now the North London producers shares,

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