After careful, weeklong consideration, Terry Malts (San Francisco, CA) have decided to go forth and record a debut LP as per the request of Slumberland Records. Displaying a slick, intelligent take on modern chainsaw pop, KILLING TIME certainly lives up to its name!

The wrong turns that led us here: a 6-song cassette (Log Lady; 2010, now in its second pressing), and two 7″ singles (both Slumberland; 2011).

Who is/are/was/will be Terry Malts? A yellow-pages private dick has gleaned the following: Corey Cunningham (guitar, backing vox), by way of Dickson, TN-cum-cardboard-box-in-Toronto, was asked to housesit in Fresno, CA. Duties fulfilled, he shot north on a graffiti trip to 924 Gilman St. and immediately bonded with fellow men’s room “artists” Phil Benson (bass guitar, lead vox) and the unfortunately-named Nathan Sweatt (drums, backing vox).

Hands shook, vibes exchanged; the trio felt compelled to distill their energy into a unified voice. Terry’s gospel is succinct, direct, sincere, and timed expertly with next year’s looming apocalypse: life is hopeless, enjoy!

With a live reputation that bleeds funky “Punk” attitude, I’ve been told this urgency has been crammed into the TM studio edition. Recorded by a machine, then expertly mixed by human being Monte Vallier (Swell, Half Church), this music may compel you to type the following buzzwords into your blog (which, I LOVE, by the way!): catchy, husky, hunky, sharp, blue-collar, rocking, hockey-rock, working-class, perfect, near-perfect, not-half-bad, and/or not-bad.

It’s an album, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a 34-minute hour of pure, unadulterated Malts… alright?

Terry Malts share new track "Don't" from upcoming 'Insides EP', out September 23rd via Slumberland Records, Terry Malts plays August 25th in Bellingham, WA

Terry Malts share new track “Don’t”

San Francisco pop punk trio Terry Malts will release a brand new 7″ on Slumberland Records entitled the ‘Insides EP,’ out September 23. The release will follow up their 2013 sophomore LP ‘Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere.’

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TERRY MALTS share new track 'Walking Without You' taken from 'Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere', out 9th September via Slumberland Records

Terry Malts Share Song ‘Walking Without You’

San Francisco trio Terry Malts are set to release their new record, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere on 9th September via Slumberland Records, featuring 11 punk-spirited noise-pop songs marked by Phil Benson’s very post-punk vox. Listen to new album cut,

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