Slim Twig is the stage and screen persona created by Max Turnbull. He was born in 1988, the son of Toronto-based filmmakers, Ross Turnbull and Jennifer Hazel, and graduated from the Claude Watson School of the Arts in 2006.

Watch Slim Twig's "Maintain The Charade" Video; Slim Twig's new full length 'A Hound At The Hem'

Slim Twig shares “Maintain The Charade” Video

Watch Slim Twig’s “Maintain The Charade” Video; Slim Twig’s new full length ‘A Hound At The Hem’ is Out Today On DFA Records. The video was directed, shot and edited by the ludicrously talented Meg Remy. I think it represents a new plateau in her capacity as a music video maker. Shot on Super 8 film on location in the neighbourhood and at the beach. The ghost statue is wonderfully played:

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Slim Twig To Release A Hound At The Hem October 28th Via DFA Records,

Slim Twig To Release New Album On DFA Records

Slim Twig is the name of a man, not of a band – though he has performed in many a group, some under his own moniker. Boasting a catalogue several under-the-radar releases deep, the Toronto native lays claim to a tremendously original work with his orchestrally-inflected, art rock album, A Hound At The Hem. Originally:

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Toronto’s Slim Twig Returns With LP

Paper Bag Records announces details of the new album from the ever-morphing Slim Twig which will be released in North America on CD, LP and DL on August 21st. Sof’ Sike is a dramatic left (er, make that a right) turn follow-up to 2009’s Contempt!

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